Thursday, November 21, 2013

New stock of Cryptocorynes

This week we were out to collect and stock up some of the popular Cryptocorynes as the Monsoon season begins to break over our area. Each year during the Monsoon, plant or fish collection is impossible as conditions of rivers becomes dangerous and unpredictable.

We managed to get some of these below despite fast current and high waters. I think the rain is going to pour flood many areas over the next few weeks. So plants maybe hard to come by till the break in February or March. Anyway we are happy to be able to offer some in the mean time.

As you can see the water at the river is already rising and murkier than usual, making collection very hard and impossible if you are not familiar with the river.

From Bau area, we also managed to collect some new stock of Cryptocoryne Keei.

In Sarawak the durians are beginning to ripen and we see many fruit stalls by the road side set up by the local natives.

While travelling through Iban tribal area, we came across an Iban hunter who was selling Python meat. The snake had beautiful skin but unfortunately was caught by this hunter and will end up in someone's cooking pot that day.

Until my next posting, best wishes and take care.

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