Friday, July 20, 2012

Wild Betta Macrostoma in natural habitat

Cryptocoryne Auriculata in Sarawak

On this last trip we managed to find a new location of Cryptocoryne Auriculata with Tiger Stripe markings near Julau. Unlike the Pakan version, these have longer narrower leaves in submessed form. The emersed form have shorter leaves but clear tiger stripe marking could be seen too.

I was able to visit the Auriculata at another location and managed to photograph the spathe in full bloom. If you look closely, you can see some fruitflies on top of the spathe, which I belief are the agents of polination in the wild.

Until my next posting, take care and all the best!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cryptocoryne Uenoi in emersed form

Along our journey on this exploration, we also located a new patch of emersed Cryptocoryne Uenoi in Daerah Serian and they are looking very good indeed. The patch is grown on sand banks with lots of leaf litters around.

Thank you for visiting and reading. I will upload more photos and videos over the next few days.


Cryptocoryne Bullosa 'Bintulu'

We just came home after 6 days of exploring Central and Northern Sarawak for both known as well as new locations for aquatic plants and fishes. This time of the year is usually the dry season and river water level is supposed to be lower then usual. The trip was generally succesfull as we all came home safely despite some harrowing moments driving in the muddy logging trails of North Sarawak.

We found the Cryptocoryne Bullosa in Bintulu to be in a very healthy condition both emersed as well as the submersed form. The water level was lower and we suspected just begun to rise as rain begins this week.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exploring Sekayam Basin Pt. 1

I was away the last few days on a short exploratory trip in the Sekayam basin as we are setting up a new Forward Quarantine Center. During my trip there I took opportunity to survey the area and the weather was perfect during this trip. The Sekayam River runs from the mountains near the border with Sarawak towards the south east and joins with the mighty Kapuas.

Some quick photos of plants and fishes sampled in this region

It was a very nice trip into this region and I will share more when able. Thanks for following.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all of you. Here is Malaysia, just fresh after the 1st week of January the Chinese communities are preparing for the Lunar New Year celebration soon.

I spend the new year away at a beach resort this year with my wife and some close friends. We had a wonderful time together, reflecting upon 2011 and contemplating 2012 with refreshed zeal and excitement.

At Borneo Echo Streams, we aim to introduce fish breeding and cultivation on our village's social enterprise development program. This program have occupied much of my time and energy last year as we seek to convert our infrastructure of collection outposts to breeding capacity. 

Also in the last year we signed an MOU with a Singapore higher learning institution to provide training and exposure to students on their aquaculture program. We hope that this exposure stint with us will raise the appreciation and skills of the next generation going into the industry.

I will update the blog again soon. It is still raining heavily here in most parts due to the monsoon season. Many parts of Kuching was flooded yesterday but today the sun is out in the morning as I write. However it appears that rain will arrive later in the afternoon. 

Take care and God bless!