Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In search of Cryptocoryne Zukalii

We left for an undisclosed area in Pahang last weekend to search for the elusive Cryptocoryne Zukalii. Before the journey began, we were experiencing a lot of rain and weather may adversely affect our trip. However, we thank God for good weather and safety through out this trip. We were unable to locate the Zukalii nor Decus Silvae but came across some Cryptocoryne initially thought to be Cordata or Nurii. The first patch had no spathes to be seen. But some of the plants displays very nice pink leaves in immersed form.

As we head deeper into the fresh water swamp, we came across the second batch of Cryptoryne. These are quite interesting as they are unknown species at this stage. The specimens collected have spathes and seedling pods. It is possible that this could be a new species that is discovered as we were unable to obtain any description of this Crypt from various sources so far. Needless to say, samples will be sent to Europe for further study.

We also collected Crytocoryne Nurii, Cryptocoryne Cordata and Cryptocoryne Sp 'Yellow Ring' Bkt Ibam before heading home. I will post the photos once they are sorted. Until then, take care and cheers!

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