Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Garden in Your Home or Office...

Any simple Nature Planted Aquarium has a soothing calming effect to a room. It brings a little of nature and life to our busy stressful life. The joy and reward of a planted tank often exceeds the effort to grow this garden under water. Often your Planted Aquarium will be a great conversation piece too as guests visit over.

Designing and setting up a succesful planted aquarium do require proper planning and it helps if you are able to consult with someone knowledgable. With proper support anyone can keep beautiful planted aquariums in their homes.

Thank you for visiting and may you have a wonderful planted tank in your home. One which will bring you much joy when you get home from work.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Betta Taeniata

Betta Taeniata is one of the wild betta that is increasingly becoming harder to find as their wild population in known locations of Sarawak has decreased drastically over the last few years. The reason for the decrease is river polution as poor rural waste/rubbish disposal system here. This fish is a strong jumper and if you are keeping them, please ensure your tanks are properly covered. They thrived in clean clear soft water, pH6.0-6.2 and as most wild fishes in this region, keep the temperature around 25C. Heavy planting in the their tank and regular water change is a must.

Rasbora Sarawakensis

Rasbora Sarawakensis has to be one of the most beautiful schooling fish endemic to Sarawak. This species comes from pristine clear water hill streams in the jungles. I love the blue metalic sheen line across the body as well as the subtle orange fins on these fishes. Very exotic and not always found on the aquarium mainstream trade, they make great school in your planted aquarium. Ideal pH 6.0. Feed sparingly and they love high quality micro pellets.

The Planted Aquarium

This site is dedicated to the interest of planted aquarium and the beautiful flora and fauna in nature.
I hope to steadily share photos and thoughts with those who care about their aquarium. Please feel free to dropby and contructive feedbacks are always welcomed.