Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cryptocoryne Keei

Sharing some pictures of the Cryptocoryne Keei today. They are from the district of Bau, Sarawak. The river where they are located is very polluted now. I think in future I will wear Biohazard Suit if I am collecting these Crypts. Haha!

Red spots at the throat of the spathe, when I spliced open the kettle, immediately a tiny fruit fly escaped. Anyway there were 2 other flies that did not survive as shown in the picture below.

So clearly the plants depend on the seasons and insects to help propagation. Want to see some flower in your Cryptocoryne collection. Try inducing fruit flies into your plant habitat. Until my next posting, all the best wishes!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cryptocoryne X Purpurea var. Borneoensis

Some pictures taken earlier today of the Cryptocoryne x Purpurea var. Borneoensis at a location in South Western Sarawak. We are experiencing the dry season in Sarawak and the stream which is normally carpeted by these Cryptocorynes are dry and filled with dried leaves.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cryptocoryne sp. Bukit Ibam

One of my favorite Cryptoryne is this one that flowers regularly in emersed form. My buddy Joshua prefers to call it the Golden Ring the coloration of the ring at the throat of the spathe do look golden at times.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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New Stock of Plants

Just to share some new photos of plants recently restocked by us. We have Cryptocoryne Bullosa from Ulu Kerian District. The spathe of this Bullosa in morning sun. The habitat still looks very healthy.

We also collected some Cryptocoryne Uenoi but water level is higher at location. Just me and some plants in the bag. 

The beautiful metallic sheen of purple colors the Cryptocoryne Fusca 'Hybrid' from Batang Ai is a very unique species. The pigmentation color is very intense and captivating to the eye. 

Cryptocoryne Striolata maybe widely distributed in Sarawak but they do appear in many different forms and colors as we encounter them. This particular sample is from Batang Ai River.

Cryptocoryne Striolata from Julau, the leaves are broader and shorter. The coloration is also different.

Until our next posting, Cheers!