Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breeding and Caring for CRS Shrimps

The Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) or sometimes called Red Bee Shrimp is a very popular pet with many aquarist around the world. The finest examples of these shrimps were bred and produced in Japan years ago but these days most serious hobbyist are able to keep and breed these shrimps at home too. Graded and valued differently, most agrees that the white pigments of the best CRS should be as solid as possible. I wont discuss grading here as that is a different topic altogether. What I like to share is how you could keep, breed and raise your CRS at home.

We use ADA's Amazonia Aquasoil as base in each CRS tanks as essential trace and colloids from this substrate leaching into the water seems to be produce the best results. Water should be very clean so I strongly advise anyone from keeping CRS in a new tank. We introduce CRS into tanks with matured filtration system after a minimum of 7 weeks cycling. ADA's Bacter 100 or Bacter Ball is used together with Green Gain in prepping such tanks. The ideal water condition are pH6.0, kH2-3 with temperature of 25C. Forget about breeding CRS if you are not committed to provide the right environment. CRS in a beautiful tank is a statement of your commitment and discipline.

Dont fret if your CRS's beauty deteriorate because conditions are not right. With some care improving the conditions, the shrimps will become better after some weeks. Keep the water well filtered, cool at 24-25C, Aquasoil based substrate and feed them well. Water should  be changed weekly at around 25%. Add in some moss to the tank. Moss provides food for the shrimps as well as sponging up waste.

We add conditioners to the tank water each week when water is changed as supplements to the shrimps. As you know shrimp experience moltings regularly and the right conditioners support new shell colors and growth. We have had good results caring for CRS with products under the brand name Shirakura and Mosura.

With care, you will see your CRS optimized once again in time. Recently we had a whole bunch baby Snow Whites in our tanks and the parents are no SSS grade beauties at all. So I wish you all the best with your brood. Cheers!

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