Friday, March 8, 2013

Cryptocoryne Ferruginea and Sp "Golden Ring"

Sorry folks, I've been on the road much and will try to keep up with new postings more. Some of you emailed me earlier, please wait and I will respond as soon as possible. Today I want to share a couple of  lovely Cryptocorynes in our collection.

Cryptocoryne Ferruginea 'Bau' displaying pretty purple and silver dust and nice tiger stripes. These emerged form do look spectacular and I hope to add new photographs of their inflorescence one of these days.

This lovely inflorescence is from an unknown Cryptocoryne Sp collected in Johor. It is perhaps one of my rarest Cryptocoryne in collection. A recent flowering gives me a chance to photograph this beauty. Hopefully it will be identified soon by the usual suspects in Europe. :)


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