Monday, June 27, 2011

Mystus Bimaculatus

Hey guys, sorry for the long web silence. I have been very busy with a number of projects here in BES. All of which is progressing steadily and we will share about them as soon as possible.

Along with photos, I plan to work on short videos here on this blog and the first step is unedited trial upload to see how this will work out. I think it will be exciting to see short clips of video from time to time on fishes, plants, exploration trips, special projects, people and life in Borneo.

In the meantime, I like to share a little about these little reddish catfish from Sumatra. For those of you keeping community tanks, please give them a try as they are easy and non demanding fishes. They are not frequently available as they are not easily sourced. They are from Sumatra but adapts readily to tank with pH around 6.0. They feed on micro pellets readily too.


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