Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Puntius Rhomboocellatus

I have not been posting the last few months on this blog as we were hampered by a long stretch of bad weather affecting many villages where we are developing our social enterprise. So in the lean months, we fall back to cultivating and fine horning our husbandry skills with our workers. But thank God for signs of change, so we are now starting to get fishes again.

One of my favorite barbs, the Puntius Rhomboocellatus is now available at BES. The fishes are beginning to show striking colors just after 2 weeks of quarantine and conditioning. These fishes often look so beautiful in contrast to green colors of Echinodorus Quadricostatus or similar foreground plants. I will post some other fish and plant updates soon.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. really nice fish! I kept them for several years, however it's hard to find them in the trade

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I just got home from another trip. Yeah, these barbs are just so beautiful. :)