Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cryptocoryne Villosa

I am sitting here in KL LCCT awaiting my next flight to Kuching after spending a week in Sumatra with Joshua Siow. So while waiting, I decide I should update this blog with some news of our trip to Sumatra. Both of us visited some old known locations where Cryptocoryne Moehlmanii, Crytpcoryne Pontederifolia, Cryptocoryne Cordata Var Diderici and Cryptocoryne Jacobsenii were found 25 years ago. Many of the locations have been developed and the Crypts are now gone. At this location where we found Cryptocoryne Villosa, the old rubber plantations are now being cleared for palm oil plantation. This little stream will soon change as well and we are doubtful the Crypts will survive the dry season in the open. I plan to come back again and explore more of Sumatra in the coming months.

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