Friday, July 30, 2010

Betta Rubra Spawning

Betta Rubra are one of those lesser seen wild bettas in the circle of hobbyist. Many have seen photos of the red beautiful male in tiger stripes so I thought I will share a photo of a female specimen in spawning colors. As you can see the egg is ready for delivery and the male in courtship dance in the background. These beautiful bettas hail from northern Sumatra near Aceh. My first few Betta Rubras was sourced from a friend, Haji Baharuddin. Couple with some from another source, we are now breeding these little beauties.  


Betta Rubra Revisited: This specimens from Aceh have been identified as a different species from B Rubra by Dr Tan Heok Hui in a recent update. These are Betta Dennisyongi, named after naturalist Dennis Yong Ghong Chong. There are slight difference with the similar Rubra found in the same coastal areas in North Sumatera in body size and markings. Source: The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 2013 61(1): 323-330


  1. really great fish! and nice photo. thanks for sharing

  2. Yes,they are beautiful fishes and rather easy to keep. Thanks for your kind words.