Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cryptocoryne Bullosa

The Cryptocoryne plants have always been a fascinating aquatic plant for an enthusiast. They are add to any planted tank a certain feel that 'forest have been there since the beginning of time'. However keeping exotic Cryptocoryne like the Bullosa requires a certain experience. I first came across this plant thought to have gone extinct in the central region of Sarawak some years ago. In fact I cant remember if anyone have seen it prior to Japanese explorer, Yujii Sasaki re-discovering a patch of them back in the 80's. As usual wild collected specimens are robust with bullated leaves. The color of the leaves varies from dark green to brown to almost black depending on location. This plant can grow both in emmersed or submerssed form. I have kept them successfully propagated in ADA based aquariums while some of my friends report success with laterite based substrate.

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