Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This week's incoming

We are expecting a shipment of plants and fishes incoming this week. Drop by and check out our new stock.

Tonina Fluviatilis
Microsorium Pteropus Narrow Leaf
Microsorium Pteropus Windelov
Lileopsis Brasiliensis
Eloecharis Parvulus
Blyxa Japonica
Glossostigma Elantoides
Echinodorus Quadricostatus
Bobitis Heudelotii

Crossocheilus Siamensis - Standard Algae Eater in our books. :)
Paracheirodon Innesi Var Diamond
Taiwanese Bumblebee Shrimp
Indian Red Nose Shrimp
Sumatran Sunset Shrimp - stunning orange
Crystal Red Bee Shrimp - High Grade
Botia Macrantha - Very nice condition
Pangio Kuhli - Very nice condition
Parosphromenus Anjunganensis - Hard to get now
Parosphromenus Ornaticauda - Hard to get now
Paracheirodon Axelrodi - Very well conditioned
Boraras Brigitae - Chilli Red
Boraras Merah
Nemacheilus Saravncensis
Sundadanio Axelrodi - Blueish Green
Axelrodia Riesei - Very beautiful
Dario Dario - very cute and pretty
Megalomphodus Sweglesi - for the Amanoistic tanks. :)~
Neritina 'Zebra' - Zebra Algae Eating Snails
Bumble Bee Snail - great algae eater
Yamato Shrimp - Must have for Planted Tank
Indian Dwarf Puffer - natural snail buster

We have lots of other exotic fishes and plants. Please ask if you cant locate them.

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