Friday, July 18, 2014

Cryptocoryne Affnis from Selangor

The Cryptocoryne affinis from this habitat is interesting as they are found at an altitude around 700m above sea level. They are found along white sandy bank of a stream above a huge waterfall in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

The variety of Affinis found at the lower section of the river has a different form and shares some similarity with some of the Pahang variety.

These were typical of specimens found at the lower part of the river. The leaves show more colors and markings. The shape is more narrow and longer for plants that are growing submersed. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New stock of Cryptocorynes

This week we were out to collect and stock up some of the popular Cryptocorynes as the Monsoon season begins to break over our area. Each year during the Monsoon, plant or fish collection is impossible as conditions of rivers becomes dangerous and unpredictable.

We managed to get some of these below despite fast current and high waters. I think the rain is going to pour flood many areas over the next few weeks. So plants maybe hard to come by till the break in February or March. Anyway we are happy to be able to offer some in the mean time.

As you can see the water at the river is already rising and murkier than usual, making collection very hard and impossible if you are not familiar with the river.

From Bau area, we also managed to collect some new stock of Cryptocoryne Keei.

In Sarawak the durians are beginning to ripen and we see many fruit stalls by the road side set up by the local natives.

While travelling through Iban tribal area, we came across an Iban hunter who was selling Python meat. The snake had beautiful skin but unfortunately was caught by this hunter and will end up in someone's cooking pot that day.

Until my next posting, best wishes and take care.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In search of Cryptocoryne Zukalii

We left for an undisclosed area in Pahang last weekend to search for the elusive Cryptocoryne Zukalii. Before the journey began, we were experiencing a lot of rain and weather may adversely affect our trip. However, we thank God for good weather and safety through out this trip. We were unable to locate the Zukalii nor Decus Silvae but came across some Cryptocoryne initially thought to be Cordata or Nurii. The first patch had no spathes to be seen. But some of the plants displays very nice pink leaves in immersed form.

As we head deeper into the fresh water swamp, we came across the second batch of Cryptoryne. These are quite interesting as they are unknown species at this stage. The specimens collected have spathes and seedling pods. It is possible that this could be a new species that is discovered as we were unable to obtain any description of this Crypt from various sources so far. Needless to say, samples will be sent to Europe for further study.

We also collected Crytocoryne Nurii, Cryptocoryne Cordata and Cryptocoryne Sp 'Yellow Ring' Bkt Ibam before heading home. I will post the photos once they are sorted. Until then, take care and cheers!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Micro Christmas Moss

This afternoon while hiking through some hill streams in Western Sarawak, I came across a patch of very interesting moss growing on some river rocks. They appear like micro Christmas moss and I was so fascinated with their beauty. Just to give an idea of their size, I shot a second photo with my little pocket on it for size comparison.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Cryptocoryne Uenoi 'Pink'

These plants were just collected 2 days ago from a relatively new location in Sarawak and spots pink veins on their leaves. I have started to go back to the jungles after my right knee injury healed about 2 weeks ago. Hope to add more photos as time permits during this very busy month.

Take care and see you again.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cryptocoryne Keei

Sharing some pictures of the Cryptocoryne Keei today. They are from the district of Bau, Sarawak. The river where they are located is very polluted now. I think in future I will wear Biohazard Suit if I am collecting these Crypts. Haha!

Red spots at the throat of the spathe, when I spliced open the kettle, immediately a tiny fruit fly escaped. Anyway there were 2 other flies that did not survive as shown in the picture below.

So clearly the plants depend on the seasons and insects to help propagation. Want to see some flower in your Cryptocoryne collection. Try inducing fruit flies into your plant habitat. Until my next posting, all the best wishes!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cryptocoryne X Purpurea var. Borneoensis

Some pictures taken earlier today of the Cryptocoryne x Purpurea var. Borneoensis at a location in South Western Sarawak. We are experiencing the dry season in Sarawak and the stream which is normally carpeted by these Cryptocorynes are dry and filled with dried leaves.